Summer in UK。英國夏日


I have visited England twice before this trip but both were during Christmas, I love the winter in England it’s a lot less colder than Beijing and the air is SUPER fresh!


This time we went back for Alex’s friend’s wedding and visiting his family, so I get to spend more time with my in laws. The wedding was at Poole, UK. We stayed at Sandbanks Hotel which is also where to wedding was hosted.

這是我們去參加Alex朋友的婚禮和回去看Alex的家人,所以我就能花多點時間和婆家的人相處。他們的婚禮辦在Poole, 我們住在Sandbanks酒店,也是婚禮舉行的地方。

After couple of days staying in, we decided to drive to Bath, Somerset. Bath has been my favorite city in England, it’s not as crowd as London but it also has got EVERYTHING. The ancient site, Bath Abbey, Jane Austin Center and shopping spots.

待在家好幾天後,我們決定開車到Bath. Bath一直是我最喜歡的城市,她不像倫敦那般擁擠但卻應有盡有。有古遺址,巴斯修道院教堂,《傲慢與偏見》作者Jane Austen中心,和逛街購物的地方。

My in laws have a SUPER COOL caravan so we took a trip to Woolacombe and camp there for 2 nights. It was great fun, I didn’t expect a camping trip could be as interesting as this.


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