The Proposal。求婚


I’ve always pictured myself having a lovely new family since I was a little girl. DON’T GET ME WRONG – not that my family is not good enough, believe me I have the best family who will stick around for each other and we are all very supportive! Maybe that’s why I have always known that I will have a wonderful husband and we will build a happy family together.

I’ve dated different men (who doesn’t?), but none of my relationship last over a month, because I am very stubborn, cranky, tough and sort of a control freak… INSIDE. I’ve been showing people the bright side, positive side of me, but am I really that girl? I don’t even know. I guess that’s probably why people find me too kind and easy to get along with, so they are also easier to add emotion on me. But I DO feel things and I am SUPER sensitive, when I am around with the person I feel uncomfortable with, I will just cut that person out of my life, either friends or boyfriends, but they have absolutely no idea and maybe that’s also why people find me crazy sometimes?! Who cares? I am just being myself and I am comfortable with that.

My Dad once told his friend “When my daughter is willing to communicate with you, take the deal otherwise you will need to pay way more than that to deal with her.” So I guess my Dad knows me. I am polite and rational when I am dealing with things, but when I find out you’re trying to trick me or bully me, I will go from lady to ghetto immediately. And my husband Alex is the person who I never needed to bring the ghetto out of me.

OK… Sorry I am supposed to be talking about the proposal…

So when I met my husband Alex, I found him very comfortable to be with and he is such a lovely man which I still believe so after 5 years being together. Well is not that he surprises me with gifts or diamond rings, he is the most loving, cute, positive person I’ve ever seen, and he is SUPER tolerant. He surprises me with his thoughts and his attitude.

After 2 years being together and living together (Yes! my longest relationship ever), I was sure about him being the one who I can trust for the rest of my life. Before he left for UK, I told him: “I don’t want a big diamond ring, I only want a ring that means something…”  I regretted the moment I slip that out, what if he brings me back a ring from some cheap store and made up some story about how meaningful that ring is? And all the drama goes around my mind until I convinced myself he is definitely not that type of person, if so how can I be with him for 2 years?

After 2 weeks he’s back from UK, he bought himself a Macbook Pro and new XBOX KINECT, normally he’s the person who will spend the most money on me then himself, so I was so excited that he is gonna surprise me with somethings! Then he gave me a calendar of 2011 said: This is a souvenir for you from Germany… Oh! And this T-Shirt I think which will look perfect on you!

What the heck? !@#$%^&* I was so angry and I thought I definitely worth much than that!!! So I left the house, before I shut the door he said: “Don’t judge me too much with your friends, you’ll feel guilty one day!” Agh! What a jerk!

After 2 months, I went back to Taiwan for summer vacation and suddenly Alex informed me that he’s coming to Taiwan with his friend, we went on small trips around Taiwan and visited some of Alex’s friends… On the 6th August 2011, a Chinese Valentine’s Day which we never celebrate he decided to take me to a restaurant on the 85th Floor of Taipei 101. I was quite suspicious cause when I mentioned that we can go to food court he said: “What? hell no!” And yes that doesn’t sound like him at all.

So we went into this restaurant with tank tops, shorts and flip flops… hmmm…. quite a disaster. Somehow he disappeared for 30 minutes, I was totally freaked out cause I had no cash, no credit card with me, who’s gonna pay for the dinner?! Oh my god I can’t believe I just said that out loud, yes instead of wondering where has he gone I was more concerned about who’s gonna pay for the dinner! What a lousy girlfriend?!

I started to look around, a fussy Hong Kong lady picking on her tea, complaining about everything about her life… On another table that was obviously a mid-age man taking his mistress out for valentine dinner, she just opened her Tiffany box gift and looked unthankfully… There was a big family with 3 generations sitting at the round table talk happily… I enjoyed watching them, then I saw Alex came back worried like something’s in his mind.

I asked: Where have you been??? You were gone for 30 minutes? “Toilet” he said.

So I’ve stopped asking, we just enjoyed the meal, the beautiful view of Taipei city.

Suddenly he hold my hand said: “Sasha, thank you for being with me for these 2 years, I had the happiest 2 years of my life and you’ve always been there supporting me, loving me… Thank you! Now let’s wait for dessert.”

All I said was: “What? Is there dessert included in the meal? That’s pretty good deal! ” Gosh I hope he won’t tell our kids that one day.

Then the manager of the restaurant brought us some Taiwanese dessert and champagne, he explained all the dessert in English and he introduced the chocolate truffle in that black box. I couldn’t wait to open it and try the truffles out! P1070449

When I opened the box, I saw a sparkling ring in front of me… Alex took away the ring, kneel down on one knee and asked: “Sasha Fu, Will you marry me?” 


The music in the restaurant suddenly gets louder, just when I thought if I should call my Dad and ask his permission first, the fussy Hong Kong lady and the man & mistress on another table started applauding and screaming “Wow, congratulations!!” Then a thought hit my mind “Oh! they’re still waiting…” So I quickly said in tears:  YES!!


Somehow I am engaged after dinner…

So we have decided to drive back home the next morning to tell my family this big news! Their baby girl is half way walking towards to her new life.

P.S: So he got me the ring from his trip to UK and that’s why he didn’t buy me anything else, that’s also why he said I might be guilty if I judge him too much. Guess what? I am still guilty now. 😛


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我和老公Alex在2009年於北京相識,2012年結婚,從2014年生下Charlie後接著在2016年生下雙胞胎妹妹們Natalia & Chloe.

從北京 – 深圳 – 台灣 – 英國,Charlie未五歲我們卻已搬了這麼多次家,每次的遷移都是為了孩子們,空汙、教育問題等等。