The Proposal。求婚

I’ve always pictured myself having a lovely new family since I was a little girl. DON’T GET ME WRONG – not that my family is not good enough, believe me I have the best family who will stick around for each other and we are all very supportive! Maybe that’s why I have always known […]

Summer in UK。英國夏日

I have visited England twice before this trip but both were during Christmas, I love the winter in England it’s a lot less colder than Beijing and the air is SUPER fresh! 在這趟旅行前我去了英國過聖誕兩次,我好愛英國的冬天,比北京暖和且空氣也超級新鮮!

Honeymoon in Paris。蜜月在巴黎

When my husband and I were deciding  the cities for our honeymoon we have came out a few, I have to admit that Paris wasn’t our first choice, we were thinking about  Greece or Italy and somehow we ended up with Paris. 當我和老公在考慮要去哪裡度蜜月時,我們想了好幾個城市,我必須承認巴黎並不是我們的首選,我們當時在考慮希臘和義大利,最終決定去了巴黎。