Charlie’s first Christmas in UK

2014年・ 聖誕節 這年的聖誕我們回到英國,帶著6個月大的查理坐上10小時北京直飛倫敦的飛機,一路順利的回到英國,飛機上他一點也不哭鬧,真是讓我很省心。我們訂了一個搖籃給他,他就乖乖的在裡面睡覺、醒了也不哭不鬧給我大大的微笑,Alex在這趟航程中還看了四部電影!

Tea time in the cloud

Thanks to APEC for the blue sky in Beijing, so we call these days of blue sky APEC days! I’ve heard many moms complaining about how their lives have changed after having a baby, I have to say luckily Charles has been a very calm and content boy, so I can take him anywhere without […]

My Mastitis Experience。乳腺炎經驗談

I’ve been thinking to write about my mastitis experience for weeks unfortunately I had no idea/mood/time for it, but now I really want to share this “few weeks adventure” to you all. The most wonderful thing happened 2 months ago that I gave birth to my baby boy Charles, as all those mothers out there I was able to […]