My Mastitis Experience。乳腺炎經驗談


I’ve been thinking to write about my mastitis experience for weeks unfortunately I had no idea/mood/time for it, but now I really want to share this “few weeks adventure” to you all.

The most wonderful thing happened 2 months ago that I gave birth to my baby boy Charles, as all those mothers out there I was able to breast feeding him, but somehow he doesn’t latch on so I could only pump out the milk and ouch it hurts so much!

31th August- I felt these’s a lump in my right boob and I had a fever lasting for an hour then it’s gone. So I’ve decided to go to a doctor the next morning. He gave me an ultrasound and told me that’s not mastitis, then he gave me some pain killer and antibiotics, of course I’ve also asked for bromocriptine to stop producing milk since breastfeeding was miserable for me.


So, I’ve been taking antibiotics and bromocriptine for 2 weeks, my left boob is totally fine and stopped producing milk, but my right one is still red, swollen and painful if I stop taking medicine, and of course I couldn’t squeeze out any milk any more.

One morning, my right boob somehow feels a sharp pain, so I went to the doctor again, he gave me an ultrasound then told me it is now transformed to breast abscess and transferred me to another hospital for the so called “Experts”. The first one I went to is an old man, when he saw my breast he didn’t even give me an ultrasound, he gave me a lesson about HOW TO BREASTFEED my baby and told me NOT to use the pump because at the old times, if a baby can’t latch on can’t get milk the baby will die, no one ever need a pump. (SHOCKING!) Then he told me I’ll need a surgery to drain it, that means I’ll stay at hospital for a week.

When I walked out of his clinic a lady led me to ER, then didn’t explain anything to me, just put me on a bed, ran a blood test, x-ray on me. I absolutely have no idea what was going on?!?! They stopped after I start yelling: What are you doing to me?!?! Then they explained the situation, I said: Who told you I’ve agree to this surgery? And then they start telling me surgery is my only option since I had fever, infection and pus inside which is damaging my tissue, and I might get Septicemia then it will be a lot worse than what I am going through. OK this totally freaks me out! I was crying in the ER thinking about my little baby boy who needs me so much at home and I am not willing to leave him even for one hour! There’s no way I’m leaving him for a week!

So I told them I’m going home. Of course they warned me ( by freaking me out) with the same reason that I might have Septicemia and told me they’re not taking any responsibility if anything happen after I go home. I went home anyway, so I went to another doctor who was recommended by my doctor then I heard another story… She says my abscess is 8cm wide that means she has to clear out those pus and wait for the tissue to grow back which will need 2 months! I’ve seen 9 doctors and they all telling me the same thing- surgery is my only option.


I told myself there’s no way I’m leaving my baby boy for the surgery and all the doctor have warned me that there might be a scar on my boob after it. As a woman I have to say if there’s a scar on my boob I will lose confidence, I will feel sorry for myself for the rest of my life, it is time to abandoned western medicine and figure other way out…

My Father have been making phone calls to all the doctors he knows, then he found this lady who does traditional treatment, so I went to her, she put on a patch on my boob and told me to check it the next afternoon… The lump got smaller but still exist, the red and swollen part has got better, so I bet on this patch and stop taking antibiotics, I didn’t feel any pain any more.

I’ve been using this patch for 3 weeks, the red part has gone brown, pus went down, no pain, but I can still feel the lump inside. I decided to go for Chinese medicine, after 7 days of medicine I can squeeze out milk again, although only a few drops then my boob has soften immediately, after few hours the lump is back but it’s much smaller than before, then I know it is milk cause the lump.


My mastitis/ breast abscess is not 100% healed, I went to Chinese doctor again for the new diagnosis got 2 weeks medicine, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, I just keep in faith that this is gonna help me to get better by taking medicine and  praying. Most importantly is to have enough sleep and relax, don’t be too protective and I have now start telling myself that I am important too! I need to take good care of myself first then I can take good care of my son, my family…

Again, I am sharing my experience here, I am not judging any one or any kind of treatment. I personally afraid of surgery I even cry for injections, I was shivering and crying so hard when I had epidural so don’t even mention having a surgery on my boob! Chinese medicine works on me but might not for everyone, I might end up needing a surgery anyway but I still willing to take a shot to see how it goes.

So I was taking Chinese medicine and it got much better and I got rid of that annoying lump by 2 acupuncture sessions, so total was 40 minutes. I went back to the first doctor asked for an ultrasound, she confirmed – There’s nothing inside.

She couldn’t believe I could go through it without having a surgery, but I did!

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