Honeymoon in Paris。蜜月在巴黎

When my husband and I were deciding  the cities for our honeymoon we have came out a few, I have to admit that Paris wasn’t our first choice, we were thinking about  Greece or Italy and somehow we ended up with Paris.


I have to say that was a brilliant idea to go to Paris, such a wonderful city full with passion, love, art, gourmet and everything.


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我和老公Alex在2009年於北京相識,2012年結婚,從2014年生下Charlie後接著在2016年生下雙胞胎妹妹們Natalia & Chloe.

從北京 – 深圳 – 台灣 – 英國,Charlie未五歲我們卻已搬了這麼多次家,每次的遷移都是為了孩子們,空汙、教育問題等等。