Summer in UK。英國夏日

I have visited England twice before this trip but both were during Christmas, I love the winter in England it’s a lot less colder than Beijing and the air is SUPER fresh! 在這趟旅行前我去了英國過聖誕兩次,我好愛英國的冬天,比北京暖和且空氣也超級新鮮!

Honeymoon in Paris。蜜月在巴黎

When my husband and I were deciding  the cities for our honeymoon we have came out a few, I have to admit that Paris wasn’t our first choice, we were thinking about  Greece or Italy and somehow we ended up with Paris. 當我和老公在考慮要去哪裡度蜜月時,我們想了好幾個城市,我必須承認巴黎並不是我們的首選,我們當時在考慮希臘和義大利,最終決定去了巴黎。

The Day。婚禮那天

First of all, I’d like to thanks to all my friends and families who have flew all the way to Beijing for our wedding, it wouldn’t be so beautiful without them. 首先,我要感謝從各地飛來北京參加我們婚禮的親朋好友們,若是沒有他們,這場婚禮不可能這麼美。 A wedding is an avenue for every love ones gather together to give their best wishes, which is also a moment to witness the […]